I am a very positive and easy going individual who loves to smile! Here are a few reminders to create the perfect atmosphere for our RDV :)

Please offer me the donation at the beginning of our appointment.

For your convenience, I have a shower and fresh towels available-if you prefer taking your shower at home I have hand soap and mouth wash for you to freshen up with.

Although all of my photos are very discreet, I have done the best to provide an accurate portrait of who I am with an accurate description of my appearance and up to date body stats. I am a professional in Montreal and I do this strictly on a part time basis, therefore, for my privacy I do not send out more photos of myself.

With the amount of fake ads and photos going around I understand the need for a review board to avoid an unpleasant experience, with that being said, for the sole purpose of outlining personal details about individuals in this line of work, I very much disagree with the concept. I am on the no review list due to safety issues and personal details being revealed about myself in the past. If you decide to meet with me, it is with the understanding that I am a very discreet and private person and I do not consent to personal information being shared about myself over the internet.